Admission procedures, of applicants to the International University of Innovative Technologies for the 2018-2019 academic years.

These rules of admission of applicants are developed on the basis of the Kyrgyz Republic‘s Law «On education»;

Agreement " To grant equal rights to citizens of the States parties to the Treaty on Deepening Integration in the Economic and Humanitarian Fields of enrolment in education,"(15.09.1999, Moscow);

Regulations on state educational grants for training students in higher educational institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic, approved by the Decree of the Government of Kyrgyz Republic " approving regulations on governing the conduct of national testing of higher-education applicants and competitive distribution of state educational grants" dated June 2, 2006 № 404 (as amended by the order of June 8, 2006 № 362/1);

Order of admission to higher education institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic,  approved by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic" On adopting the Regulations governing the admission of students to Universities" from may 27, 2011 №256; IntUIT Code.

I General regulations

1.1. To the first year of the International University of Innovative Technologies (IntUIT) admit applicants holding the certificate of general secondary and\ or secondary vocational education.

1.2. For the next courses admit applicants holding  academic certificate of the standard form about incomplete higher vocational education or a diploma of the state sample about the higher vocational education at various levels. For the next courses of the corresponding specialties the persons having the diploma of the state sample about secondary professional education of the corresponding profile are accepted.

1.3. The level of education of the applicant applying for higher professional education with the assignment of the academic degree " Master’s degree»:

- higher professional education with the conferred academic degree” Bachelor” in the relevant disciplines or higher professional education with the qualification" specialist “ in a related proficiencies. The list of related proficiencies and specialties is established by the training Department of the IntUIT.

1.4. Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, persons of Kyrgyz nationality who are citizens of other countries, foreigners living in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, having appropriate education are admitted to the IntUIT.

1.5. Foreign citizens (including the CIS) submit a certificate of the Ministry of education and science of the Kyrgyz Republic on confirmation of the level of education.

Citizens of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Tajikistan under the Agreement " To grant equal rights to citizens of the States parties to the Treaty on Deepening Integration in the Economic and Humanitarian Fields of enrolment in education,"(15.09.1999, Moscow); have equal rights with citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic for admission to IntUIT.

1.6. The main criteria for admission to the IntUIT for full - time, distance learning are the level of knowledge and ability of the applicant.

1.7. The applicant has the right to get acquainted with the Code of the IntUIT, its licenses for educational activities, the rules of admission to the University, entrance test programs and other necessary information related to admission and training. When accepting the admission Committee is obliged to acquaint the applicant with the obligations and rights of the parties, the size and procedure of payment of tuition fees, the possibility of providing benefits in payment.

II Admission activities

2.1. Admission to the IntUIT takes place in personal applications of citizens.

2.2. All applicants have equal rights regardless of origin, sex, language, social and property status, national, party affiliation, beliefs, religion and attitude to religion, time of graduation.

2.3. Applicants submit to IntUIT admissions committee following documents:


-documentation confirming his/her identity and nationality,

- An official State certificate about general secondary and\ or secondary professional education,

- Certificate republic-wide testing (CRWT-2018)

-6 photos, size 3x4

Additional documents (death certificates of parents, certificate of disability, etc.), if he claims the benefits established by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

2.4. Foreign citizens must present a document on education equivalent to the state document on education of the Kyrgyz Republic. Equivalence defines by Ministry of Education and Science of Kyrgyz Republic.

2.5. Admission to the IntUIT is conducted at the direction of bachelor's degree, training of qualified specialists, specialties, profile and specializations: "Information systems and technologies", "Design/ Design of architectural environment", "Construction", "electric power and electrical engineering", "Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes", "Physical processes of mining or oil and gas production", "Technology and design of light industry products", "Economics", "Management", "Linguistics", "Psychology".

2.6. Admission to the IntUIT is conducted by Master Programme in

-Information technology;

- Construction;

- Management;

- Electricity and Electrical Engineering;

- Economics.

2.7. Admission to the IntUIT is conducted in disciplines and areas to which has License of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic. Each applicant is granted a receipt of documents.

2.8. On the basis of the documents received from the applicant, the Admission Committee makes a decision on his admission to the entrance examinations, the conditions of participation in the competition and informs him about it.

Admission documents:

-for full-time training from June 20 to August 25;

-for distance learning with the use of distance learning technologies from July 10 to August 30;

III Entrance exams

3.1. The University conducts competitive selection based on the results of GRT and entrance tests for students from other countries.

3.2. On art education and directions: "Design of architectural environment", "Design", "Design of buildings" and Technology of light industry products" the applicant must provide a basic test GRT card and pass the entrance test on the picture.

3.3. Admission to study on master's programs and directions of postgraduate study is carried out on a competitive basis in the order of enrollment - for persons entering the master's / postgraduate study on a contract basis, i.e. with full reimbursement of training costs, which include: persons who have previously received full higher education; citizens of foreign States who do not reside permanently in the Kyrgyz REPUBLIC;

3.4. For the organization and conduct of admission to the master’s program\ postgraduate studies by order of the Rector of the IntUIT is created Admissions Board.

Admission Board has carried out:

-acceptance of the documents and review of documents presented by applicants;

-organization and conduct of competitive tests for applicants to the master's program / postgraduate study;

-preparation, on the basis of consideration of the submitted documents and the results of competitive tests for each master's program/ areas of graduate, draft order of admission to the master's/ postgraduate study to the IntUIT (on a standard form of the order of admission).

3.5. Applicants for admission to the master's / postgraduate study submit the following documents to the Admission Board:

-personal application addressed to the rector of IITU for admission to master's / post-graduate courses with indication of the chosen master's program / direction of postgraduate study;

-personal application addressed to the rector of IntUIT for admission to master's / post-graduate courses with indication of the chosen master's program / direction of postgraduate study;

-the original Diploma of Bachelor's degree with the annex of an extract from the record sheet (insert); for persons who have received education abroad, including citizens of CIS member States, a copy of the relevant diploma, as well as a certificate of equivalence of documents of foreign States on education diploma of higher professional education of the KR, issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic;

- Recommendation for admission to the master's / post-graduate state certification Commission, which issued the document on higher education;

- The contract for training and a document certifying the act of payment for training (in full or in part, but not less than one half year).

3.6. Admission of entrance examinations for master's degree/ graduate schools is carried out by the attestation Commission established under the chairmanship of the head of the issuing Department. The Commission consists of leading professors and associate professors of the Department.

The Commission at its meeting review the submitted documents, conducts an interview, identifying the actual level of preparation of the incoming and its scientific and technical interests. The program of interview on a specialty is defined by the graduating Department and is brought to the attention of arriving no later than 10 days prior to carrying out interview. The competition Commission shall take into account the mandatory average level of academic performance points (GPA) of the previous level of training of the applicant.

The Commission makes a decision recommending or refusing admission for master's degree.

Graduates of IntUIT who have completed training in the basic educational program of bachelor's degree in the relevant direction of master's / postgraduate study have a preferential right for admission.

3.8. The entrance test for foreign students in the form of a blank or computer test is conducted in accordance with the training programs of the choice of the applicant in Kyrgyz or Russian language.

  • Economic and environmental specialties are complete tests in geography (major) mathematics and Kyrgyz or Russian languages;

  • To technical and technological professions are tested in mathematics (major), physics and Kyrgyz or Russian language;

  • To humanities specialties are tested in history (major), mathematics and Kyrgyz or Russian language;

  • On art education -drawing or composition, mathematics and Kyrgyz or Russian language;

  • On linguistics - on English language, math and Kyrgyz or Russian language

3.9. An applicant who does not agree with the results of the entrance or certification test on the subjects has the right to appeal.

3.10. Applications from students for appeal are considered by the appeal Commission established at the University, on the day of announcement of the result of GRT tours.

The appeal is not a retake of the exam, and is a test of the correctness of the evaluation of the results, the entrance test.

IV Admission

4.1. Enroll at the IntUIT students who had successfully completed the national testing or successfully passed the entrance certification tests.

4.2. Admission to the first year of master's/ postgraduate studies of IntUIT is made by order of the rector on the recommendation of the selection Committee.

4.3. Out of the competition, if there is a score corresponding to the positive assessment, are credited to the place under the contract with the payment of the cost of training:

  • Demobilized Soldiers and entitled to maternity benefits established by the government of the Kyrgyz Republic;

  • Orphans and children denied parental care(up to 18 years, on October 1 this year);

  • Persons with disabilities, who are not contraindicated by the conclusion of medical and social examination at the University in the chosen direction of training and specialty;

  • Prize-winners of international and national competitions (who took 1-3 places this year) on the direction and specialty in the selected University, in which the subject of the Olympiad is the main;

4.4. All issues related to the admission and the provision of benefits for tuition fees are finally decided by the admission Committee.

4.5. The final text report on the reception is provided to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic in full-time and part-time with the use of remote technologies form until October 15, 2018.

Executive Secretary of admission Committee in  IntUIT- T. M. Kasymov