IntUIT mission

Training of competitive specialists who meet the requirements and expectations of stakeholders, possess innovative technologies, able to effectively solve engineering and socio-economic problems of modern society.

Strategic goal:

Modernization of the educational complex through increasing the scientific potential of the teaching staff, the introduction of information technology training and educational programs in a wide range of areas and specialties that meet the requirements of innovative development of the economy, the modern needs of the individual, society and the state, through integration into the international scientific and educational space.

Objectives of the IntUIT:

 to maintain close cooperation with employers for the modernization of training programs, providing places of practice, improving the quality of training, evaluation of training results and employment of graduates;

Develop and implement innovative educational programs and forms of training relevant to the labor market, aimed at replenishing the production sector of the country with demanded specialists;

 Improve and deepen scientific activity for the development of applied and fundamental research, to expand masters and postgraduate training as a basis for the creation of innovative research and educational complex;

 Improve the material and technical base of educational and scientific activities, as well as the material infrastructure that supports the social life of students, teachers and staff;

to find ways to increase the income of the University through educational and innovative activities, including through targeted training, consulting and engineering services, technology transfer and distance learning;

to continue  developing and strengthen long-term relationships between IntUIT and its strategic partners within the country and the international academic, scientific and business community in educational, scientific and technical activities;

to form an environment that provides a high information culture in the University community and outside it, creating a basis for information technology support of educational, scientific, administrative and management activities;

to create a base for the transition to the trilingual (Kyrgyz, Russian and English) system of education, expanding opportunities for students to learn foreign languages, both European and Asian at the level corresponding to modern standards;

to improve the system of professional development of the teaching staff through master's and post-graduate courses, as well as to create a "School of a young teacher".

Organizational structure of IntUIT:

The University has 2 faculties, 8 departments, 6 development centers, 3 research and production complexes, more than 10 educational and production laboratories, scientific and information library.

Faculties: "Innovative technologies" and" Economics, management and linguistics".

Departments :" production of building materials and earthquake-resistant construction", "Information technology", "Accounting, analysis and audit", "Economics, Finance and innovation management", "architectural Design and technology of light industry", "Philosophy, intercultural communication and psychology", "electricity, power supply and operation of vehicles", "Recreation, physical education and sports".

All structural divisions have full documentation according to the approved nomenclatures of Affairs. Electronic teaching materials have been uploaded to the Moodle distance learning

Values of the IntUIT.

High quality training of specialists that meets the requirements of time, society, the state - IntUIT provides knowledge for careers of youth generation. Democracy in management based on the consideration of different opinions. Openness, readiness for fruitful cooperation at all levels. Respect for the personality of each employee and student. Awareness of special role in the preparation of innovative-oriented specialists and professionals for the emerging innovation economy of the Kyrgyz Republic. Teachers, staff and students of the university are the main guarantor of the successful development of the International University of Innovation Technologies as the centre of the innovative culture being formed.

Vision of the IntUIT.

International University of Innovation Technologies - higher educational institution of open type, able to perceive, collect, create and disseminate new knowledge, innovative business proposals, provide scientific and educational services with the use of modern technologies, prepare and train competitive specialists, that meet the requirements and expectations of consumers, society, the state, demonstrating the desire for integration into the global world educational community and implementing in practice a policy of sustainable innovation development.