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Международный университет инновационных технологий


The International University of Innovative Technologies is the university that meets all the requirements of education, equipped with modern laboratories and works closely with industrial associations. IntUIT has a leading place in Kyrgyzstan for a short time in innovation and education field. IntUIT collaborates with universities of the USA, China, India, Europe and CIS countries. Students can obtain secondary vocational and higher education in such fields as computer science, design in the field of architecture, construction, electric energy power industry, transport machinery and complexes, oil-and-gas and mining manufacture, technology of light textile, clothing and footwear industry and structures, clothing design, prepares future specialists in fields of economics, management, linguistics, psychology in the departments of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies of the university. IntUIT will provide you with a high-quality knowledge and education from the renowned experienced professors, candidates of science and highly qualified teachers. An additional educational system has been created specifically for students: parallel circles, training and preparation of student for working specialties, advanced qualification-based training and a driving school.


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